4 weekly courses starts 8th July 2019 Monday to Friday 

9.30am Parents & Babies (4mths - 16mths)

10.00am Beginners/Improvers/Advanced (5yrs+)

12.00pm Parents & Tots  (16mths - 3yrs)

12.30pm Pre-school (3yrs+)


September Swim Academy 

Tuesday September 3rd

Wednesday September 4th

Saturday September 7th

Bookings will be open on Wednesday 21st of August





We operate a strict double nappy policy. All babies and tots must wear a disposable swim nappy and a reusable neoprene nappy over the top. The neoprene nappy should fit snugly around the child’s legs and waist and be quite difficult to get on. The disposable swim nappy should not be visible at all. Neoprene nappies are available to purchase at Leisure Club Reception for €15. Babies must be over the age of 4 months of age to commence swim lessons and have received their 4-month immunisations. We do not advise bringing your baby swimming if he/she is suffering any illness such as a vomiting, diarrhoea, chest infection, ear infection, measles, asthma or the first few days of a cold. We do not make up or offer refunds for any missed lessons. Babies if on a liquid diet only should be fed no less than 30 mins prior to the lesson. Babies/Tots on solids should be fed no less than 1hr prior to the lesson. Babies and tots will usually be quite hungry and sleepy after lessons. All parents are required to wear a hat in the pool. Buggies cannot be wheeled out onto the pool deck. We advise that parents wear suitable pool shoes (flip-flops, crocs) and carry babies/tots in arms. Spectators are very welcome but are not permitted out on to pool deck they must sit in the spectator area. Only one parent is allowed per baby/tot in the lesson.

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